Monday, 24 April 2017

Everybody's free to wear Sunscreen.

Hey Guys!

So sorry I haven't posted in a while. I got back from my Holiday and was thrown into Easter madness at work and am only properly recovering from it all now! So here I am to give you a brief overview of my time in Albuferia, Portugal - for the second time! It has also come up on my Facebook memories recently the time I was there for the first time ever, 4 years ago! Crazy times.

Anyway, Albuferia!

Portugal is a beautiful country, much much cheaper than Spain, which is usually the reason I choose to go there. My and my bestie were just looking a cheap, quick get away and we settled on the same place as last time as we had both really enjoyed it there as well. We even stayed in the same hotel! It was strange seeing everything again with different eyes.

In Albuferia itself, there is the Old Town and the New Town. We stayed in the New Town which was a 5 minute walk from the famous Montechoro Strip but also a 20-30minute walk from the Old Town.

On our first day we decided to make the most of the 24c heat and go to the beach in the Old town, which is a lot bigger than the one in the New town. So we donned our bathing suits and off we went. Of course in our excitement to get there, we forgot the one most important thing to put on! Sunscreen! And you can only imagine the lobster-like look we were sporting at the end of a full day spent in the 24c sunshine at the beach. In fact, here's a picture, I hope it reminds you how important wearing sunscreen is!

No filter and a bit of my double chin showing there but that is not the point! Look at how red I was and I am not joking, it was genuinely painful. So much so that the day after I couldnt really focus on anything else because it was sore and spent most of the day in bed, which was a shame to waste a day in such a lovely country!

After the pained eased, we made our way out to the Algarve Shopping Centre. We were both very excited to go here as there was a Sephora which doesn't exist here in Ireland unfortunately. My bestie had never been, but I had been to the one in NYC and in Paris. This Sephora is super small and mainly carried brands that were already available here in the UK alongside Sephora's own brand. Whilst we were in Sephora, the lady saw how roaring red my skin was and offered to spray me with Aloe Vera Aftersun spray to which I gratefully accepted. I didn't buy anything but my BFF managed to grab a few bargains.

I did manage to make some purchases though in a shop called Douglas which I believe to be a Portuguese brand. I bought a lipstick from a brand called ArtDeco which I had never heard of before. According to their website it is a light purple, but it has more a pink shade to me in real life but you can check it out here. I also bought the cutest glittery powder spray which is Rose-scented and comes in a small version of an old squeezy perfume bottle. Check it out here. Its also available in Lavender and a Silver version which I cant remember if it was scented or not!

I feel like our trip went by super quick as when we weren't shopping or on the beach we were sipping cocktails on the strip. On our last night, having done a bar crawl in Albuferia before, but being too early in the season this time we decided we would do our own bar crawl! You get offered free shots when you walk up the strip anyway as the over-eager staff try to encourage you in. My rule for the night was if we are offered free shots then we take them - to save the last of our pennies for some more cocktails! However after 2 free shots, a strawberry daquiri and a long island iced tea, I was beat and I was starting to feel really sick so my bestie made the executive decision to take a drunk, sick me back to her bed, especially since we were flying the next day! #mortified

All in all, we had a lovely week away, soaking up the sunshine, the beautiful views and enjoying time away from our extremely busy lives and learning the importance of wearing sunscreen!

I hope you enjoyed my little trip summary and I perhaps will share with you next time, what sites and things I use to get the best deals as our whole holiday, hotel, flights and transfers for 5 nights only cost us £150. Amazing right?

Until next time,


Monday, 27 March 2017

Ready, Jet, Go!

Hey Guys!

So re-starting your blog the week before you jet off on Holiday isn't the smartest of ideas, but here we are!

I'm jet setting tomorrow morning off to Albuferia, Portugal. I was there a few years ago and I am staying in the same place as I did before. I'm going with my best friend Jesse for a girly get-away and we are looking forward to ALL of the cocktails! 🍸🍸🍸

I have literally just finished packing, my nails are painted, hair is dyed and all I need to do is go for a quick shower and get myself to bed for my 6am start.

I just wanted to post before I jet off to let you know where I'll be for the week. I'll likely be posting pictures on instagram if you want to follow me there, my username is @samiandthecityuk

For now, have a great week and I'll be sure to post all the pictures when I get back to make you jealous!


Friday, 17 March 2017

Is this thing on?

Hi Guys!
It's been a long time since I've been running around the blog'o'sphere! I guess somewhere along the way, life got busy and I lost my words.

Well I'm here to tell you, I have found them again and I'm back to bring you all the glorious stories of my life. This is Sami and the City, Part 2. This time I'm here to blog about my lifestyle including fashion and beauty, as well cats. All the cats! 😻😻😻

I'm still fine-tuning the blog at the moment with regards to layouts, links and information and I'll be here with a proper post during the week, I just wanted to put a quick Hello here to let you know I'm back!

I didn't stray too far from my writing, I still write Poetry and Prose and I've still been following all of the blogs on my blogroll, so you should go check them out while I work on getting things done around here!

Also, if you are really really bored, feel free to go follow me on all the follow me things over there >> so you will get notified of all the lovely updates I post from here on out!

And if you feel so inclined, leave me a lovely little Hello Comment at the bottom of this post and let me know what you've been up to these last few months!

I look forward to talking to you all again soon!